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We have been on the market since 1981. Until recently, we were part of the international group I.E.S. International BV based in Amsterdam. Currently, the company is named I.E.S. Poland with headquarters in Warsaw and is an independent Polish company.

Invariably, for over three decades, we have been representing significant European manufacturers of machines, devices, installations and Cleanroom construction on the Polish, Russian and Ukrainian markets. The systems we design and deliver meet the strictest European work safety standards, strict GMP recommendations and meet the high quality requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, automotive, laboratories and hospitals industries. We have numerous and excellent references in all these sectors (see reference list of PadanaCleanroom® in Poland). We provide a full range of services for all devices, from designing the installation to the process of integration, commissioning, qualification, training, warranty and post-warranty service. In addition, we provide effective service and quick access to spare parts. We provide technical consultancy in the pre-investment phases and carry out design work at every stage of the project’s advancement. We provide consultancy in the selection of specialized machinery and equipment related to pharmaceutical technologies.

Consortium: Interdisciplinary Engineering Solutions

Over the last few years, many Polish pharmaceutical companies have implemented comprehensive investment projects in the “turnkey” formula. The projects had both different technical scopes and budgets and concerned various technologies, but they had one thing in common, namely comprehensiveness, i.e. the need for coordinated activities of contractors of various specialties in a small space, often simultaneously or at least in very short time intervals for individual industries.

As all experienced investors know, this problem, almost always disregarded at the beginning of the project, most often turns out to be the main obstacle in the timely completion and commissioning of the investment.

The same experienced investors encounter proposals, most often from large construction companies, to take under their wing the entire scope of investments, including those supplies and specialist works about which construction companies know little and have to subcontract them anyway. Such a situation gives rise to a lot of dangers and is often a favorable circumstance for the contractor to look for “saving” solutions, which of course works to the disadvantage of the investor.

There is advice for that. In the last few years, several major investments have been made in Polish pharmaceutical plants as part of cooperation based on the Consortium model. The IES company has successfully participated in many projects conducted on this basis.

A consortium is a voluntary association of several closely cooperating design, supply and executive companies in order to carry out a comprehensive project. The consortium is established for the time needed to implement the investment, and its substantive composition is adjusted to the specific needs and scope of deliveries and works related to a given project.

The Consortium’s operating principle is very simple:

The investor’s request for proposals (URS) is analyzed by the Consortium design group and broken down into individual groups of supplies and services according to specialization (design, construction, HVAC, piping, electrical and automation systems, pharmaceutical walls, validation package, coordination of the entire task).
The companies associated in the Consortium prepare offers according to the specialty, taking into account the general implementation plan and the assumed schedule.
After collecting these coordinated offers, the Consortium transfers the complete package, which is important without financial surcharges, to the investor.

The Consortium works flexibly, so it takes into account all additional conditions imposed by the investor, such as: investor supplies, inclusion in the Consortium of companies known to the client and whose participation is desirable for the investor, cooperation with the investor’s design, executive and validation groups.

Such a model of cooperation allows for free configuration of the Consortium and adjusting its composition to the needs of a specific project, its scope and the level of investor’s requirements. A Good Consortium is the equivalent of a sports team with the best configurable composition suited to a specific task. In a situation where an investment task does not provide for deliveries or services in a certain industry, the Consortium, due to the flexibility of its configuration, simply does not generate costs in this specialty and limits the scope to the investor’s expectations.

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